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I am a 52 years old bisexual single man living in San Fernando, California

45 year old Male Massage Therapist seeksplaymates for hands on experience.

I am an eclectic 45 year old man. I enjoy all types of music and consider myself very open minded.I am a certified massage therapist, and an avid skier. I enjoy the outdoors, greenbud, and sex.I am a very sexual being. Sexuality flavors everything I do and think.I am committed to complete honesty and openness. I intend to spend the rest of my life being brutally honest with and about myself.I communicate and present myself as openly as possible for any given situation ,no explicitness around children for example, but I endeavor to not be restrained by unhealthy social programming,such as body image, race, religion ect....I am completely open to anything the universe sees fit to send me.

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